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Bathroom 304 stainless steel wall mounted Concealed shower set

  • Item Name: 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Concealed shower
    Item No.: YT-1-3126H-1B
    Installation Way: Wall mounted
    Number of Handles: Single Handle
    Surface Finish: Brushed Nickel
    Style: Bathroom Shower Set
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM (6.81 L/min)
    Water Pressure: 1.6MPa
    Air Pressure: 0.6MPa
    Cartridge Type: Ceramic cartrige
    Cartridge Lifetime: 300, 000 Clycles
    Cold and Hot Switch: Yes
    Packing: Clothbag+Cardboard +inner box+outer carton

Concealed shower Modle:YT-1-3126H-1B

Installation instructions

Solid wall installation

1. According to the basic size of the embedded box, a special tool is used to open the main hole on the solid wall. It should be considered that the distance between the surface of the wall after final treatment and the bottom surface of the opening is between 60-75. For example, the thickness of the blank wall after the tile surface is paved increases by about 20mm, then the depth of the rough wall in the hole opening should be 40-55mm;

YT-1-3126H-1B4  Concealed shower.jpg

2. The size of embedded box is convenient for installation.

3. The bottom surface of the opening should be kept flat so that the vertical and horizontal of the embedded box can be adjusted later.

4. According to the connection pipeline of the single function embedded box, pay attention to the upper, lower, left and right directions of the embedded box. The left side is connected with the hot water pipe, the right side is connected with the cold water pipe, and the upper part is connected with the mixed water outlet pipe.

5. Such as embedded box with single control function and outlet pipe of upper mixing box (subject to the actual product purchased).

6. After the pipe connection is completed, the corresponding pipe groove is opened on the blank wall according to the pipe layout.

7. Before fixing the embedded box, it is necessary to conduct water test and pipe cleaning for the embedded box and connecting pipe. Before the test, the upper mixing outlet channel should be open.

YT-1-3126H-1B2  Concealed shower.jpg

8. Before testing, open the switch spool and open the water to test whether the right and left water inlet pipes are tight and leakless. After the inlet pipe is tested, the flow switch is opened to test whether the mixed outlet pipe is tight and leakless. Meanwhile, it is necessary to maintain the management of foreign matter for a period of time to prevent the valve from boiling water.

9. The embedded box is fixed on the wall according to the self tapping screw key installed in the solid wall;

10. Use a parallel ruler to correct the horizontal and vertical directions of the embedded box, so that the embedded box is as horizontal as possible to the ground and 90 ° to the wall; if not, the installation effect of the control valve panel will be affected;

YT-1-3126H-1B3  Concealed shower.jpg

11. Re confirm that the pipeline connection is correct and there is no leakage in the water test. After other embedded components of the shower are installed, the embedded box and pipeline are sealed and fixed with fillers.

12. So far, the installation of the embedded box on the solid wall is completed, and the subsequent control valve can be installed after the wall is laid.

Attention: seal the wall after the pipe connection is correct and there is no leakage.


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  • Contact : shirley
  • Email : shirley@yuantu-faucet.com
  • Tel : +86-0750-8662208
  • ADD : #4 Taixin Road, Area B,DongXi lndustrial Zone,Zhishan Town,Heshan City,Guangdong,China
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