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New Wall Mounted Retractable 304 Stainless Steel Thermostatic shower set

  • Place of Origin:Jiangmen, China
    Brand Name:YUANTU
    Model Number:YT-1-3013B1
    Surface Finishing:Black
    Surface Treatment:Polished
    Exposed B & S Faucet Feature:Slide Bar
    Exposed Shower Faucet Feature:Slide Bar
    Number of Handles:Single Handle
    Valve Core Material:Ceramic
    Feature:Shower set
    Color:Light Grey
    Material:304 stainless steel
    Product Name:Shower Set

YUANTU Thermostatic shower set Modle:YT-1-3013B1

YT-1-3013B12 Thermostatic shower set.jpg

usage method

The standard constant temperature shower faucet has a twist on the left and right, and the knob on the left regulates the water temperature: twist forward, and the water temperature drops;

YT-1-3013B16 Thermostatic shower set.jpg

When you screw it back, the water temperature rises, but when it reaches 40 ℃, it won't move.

This is because when the water temperature exceeds 40 ℃, it is easy to scald the skin. If you need hot water with higher water temperature, you must press and hold the red safety button on the knob to continue to screw it back.

YT-1-3013B17 Thermostatic shower set.jpg

The knob on the right controls the water outlet mode and quantity: it is closed when the scale is aligned;

If you screw forward, the water will flow out from the outlet nozzle below. The more you screw forward, the more water will flow;

YT-1-3013B18 Thermostatic shower set.jpg

Screw it back, and the water will flow out. The more you screw it back, the more water will flow.


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  • Contact : shirley
  • Email : shirley@yuantu-faucet.com
  • Tel : +86-0750-8662208
  • ADD : #4 Taixin Road, Area B,DongXi lndustrial Zone,Zhishan Town,Heshan City,Guangdong,China
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